Promoting Interfaith Harmony through Dialogue Project

Promoting Interfaith Harmony through Dialogue Project

From the beginning, Shanti Mitra works for interfaith harmony with young people through different activities.

From 2013, Shanti Mitra  does interfaith dialogue with young people, based on the concept of “Scriptural Reasoning”. 15 young people from different faith sit once in month. They select scriptures from different faith based on one topic and talk about it.

For dialogue Shanti Mitra use the Socratic circle and it’s really useful. The purpose of doing this Interfaith dialogue/ Adda with young people that there will be more acceptance and understanding among people of different faiths if they interchange and listen to each other. In this Interfaith Adda, the really interesting question is: how and where do I get my identity? Perhaps the answer is that we are getting our identity from those who are different from us!

Activities of this project are Scriptural reasoning(Interfaith Adda) Interfaith Harmony Campaign with students of high school & college, Interfaith harmony journey, observing interfaith harmony week, publishing some books, booklets, poster and cards on interfaith harmony etc.)



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