Welcome to Shanti Mitra

In 2007 some young people, mainly students from colleges in Mymensingh, decided to do something to build peace. They received inspiration and support from Taize brothers who are living locally. When they first started they were all volunteers. They went to poor areas of the town where were different kinds conflicts in families and in the communities.

They started with children because they believe if children learn peace building skills the patterns of conflict they experience will not be repeated in the future. They started peace classes in the schools in those neighborhoods using creative methods like puppet shows, drama and role plays. They also talked with the children about their experience of conflict and how they can handle these non-violently.

The group was from different faiths (Muslims, Hindus and Christian) and also from different ethnic groups (Bangali, Garo, Hajong etc.) They share a common vision for peace. They started to work in order to bridge the gap of trust between different faiths and ethnics groups.

Our Programmes

Peace Seminar

What is the vision? Our vision for the Interfaith Youth Peace Seminar is that it would be a step toward bringing justpeace to our community... read more

Children Stories

Tales and legends are an attractive medium for teaching children. Through them, children can enter to an imaginative world. Shanti Mitra is convinced that learning... read more


PEACE ROLE MODELS We believe that there are people who can give us inspiration to do peace works and similar activities. In Bangladesh many young... read more

Message from the Director, Shanti Mitra
Welcome to visit the website of Shanti Mitra. Shanti Mitra is a small, local organization that works for peace through justice and creativity. What is special about Shanti Mitra is that the workers and volunteers are from different religious and ethnic backgrounds and they all celebrate diversity by working together. Peace means: `Taking care of one self, taking care of others and taking care of the environment’. This may seem very simple, but in fact it has a deeper meaning. Caring does not mean only physical care, but also emotional and spiritual care, as well as provision for human needs. Shanti Mitra believes that besides taking care of human beings, we also need to care for the environment. Unless we do that we will not have real peace. Peace starts from our hearts! It is always there, but all kinds of injustice block the flow of peace. If we are able to remove the injustices, then peace will flow its own way. The question is then: what is justice? Justice is “right relationship;” it is “rightness”. Right relationship means giving to the other what he/she deserves. It also means remembering that I need to give to others what I want to get from them. No one wants others to do bad things to him/herself. Finally, peace is about rights and responsibility. Nowadays, we are constantly talking about our rights, but most of us give little thought to our responsibilities. If we all take our responsibility, then, perhaps, the world will get peace. It is certainly not easy. But we can start from where we are. In our website, you will get information about Shanti Mitra; mission, vision, values, programs, activity news etc… We are working to develop the content of our website. I hope you will see more information and news very soon. Again, thank you for taking time to visit our website; I hope you will find something helpful or informative. We welcome your feedback and hope you will contact us if you need more information.
Suborna Poli Drong Executive Director Shanti Mitra