Training on Child Rights and Protection

Training on Child Rights and Protection

“All children have rights and those rights must be protected’’
-Novak Diokovi
A training on Child Rights and Protection was organized by the PPHRM (Promoting and Protecting Human Rights of Minorities) Project on the 3rd and 4thof October at Shanti Mitra. PPHRM is a project of the PCC (Protibondhi Community Center) which is implemented by Shanti Mitra.

Most of the participants were young people who participate in volunteer work with Shanti Mitra. Many of them work with children directly. Not only did the training develop skills applicable to their work in Shanti Mitra, but skills that can be used in many areas of their life.

The training focused on child rights, child safety, the roles in which you can protect these rights, and how to create a safe environment for the children. Participants shared personal stories about what rights they received in their childhood. Some shared stories about when and how their rights were violated by others. A few of these stories where about the sexual violence endured as children. After receiving the training, participants made commitments to work for child rights and protection in their families as well as in their communities.

A team from MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) facilitated the training which was done in creative ways with an emphasis on participation.

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