Interfaith Harmony Journey in Mymensingh

Interfaith Harmony Journey in Mymensingh

What does religion say about living in harmony with other faiths?

In seeking the answer to this question, an “Interfaith Harmony Journey” was arranged in Mymensingh on the 14th and 15th of November, 2018 by Shanti Mitra SomajKolyanSongstha. Every month, Shanti Mitra organizes an “Interfaith Dialogue” for young people of different faiths. The Interfaith Harmony Journey was an extension of this monthly event.

Mosque in Lalkuthir Majar, Mymensingh

In the Majar, Mymensingh

In the Catholic Church, Mymensingh


The theme of this interfaith journey was “Learning from each other: my faith and responsibility to contribute to harmony.” The group which participated in the event visited religion institutions such as Ramakrishno Mission, Iskon, LalkuthirMajar, Bahai Center, Guru duara, SDA Church, and Catholic Church.

Interfaith group in Ramakrishno Mission, Mymensingh

The aim of this interfaith journey was to meet with religious leaders and listen to them share about peace and justice as well as forming bridges between the faith leaders and inviting them to work together to increase harmony among people of different faiths in Mymensingh.

Interfaith group in SDA church, Mymensingh

Interfaith group in the Iskon Tempal, Mymensingh

In the Bahai Center, Mymensingh

In the Bahai Center, Mymensingh

One of the questions that had been raised during the interfaith journey by the participants was that if our prophets teach us to love others then why do we practice hatred using religion?

In total, there were 20 participants from a variety of faiths that joined.

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