Interfaith Dialogue with different faith young people

Interfaith Dialogue with different faith young people

Shanti Mitra Somaj Kolyan Songstha organized interfaith Dialogue session on 29th July, 2019 At Shanti Mitra Hall Room as usual every month . Around eighteen members including the executive director of Shanti Mitra, Subarna Poli Drong attends the session. The other participants are Shikha Rani Das, Tulsee Hajong and Tripti Radha Sutradhar from Hindu Religion, Linda Daru, Churchil Mrong, Alovi Chiran, Bonnya Jambil and Bejon Chiran from Christian and Hakim Rafiqul, Al-Mamun, Sabiha Khatun, Jakia Sultana Papry, Md. Mehedi Hasan, Maznu Mia, Md. Asaduzzaman and Md. Robin Miahfrom Islam. The topic of this adda/dialogue session was “Religious Education”.

After arrival of the members, they have their sits in a circle. A flower vessel in the center of the circle and pleasant smell of frankincense indulge the beauty of the atmosphere of the Hall Room. The session starts with a Interfaith prayer and keeping silence for two minutes. Afterward Bejon reads the Quran Verse (Sura: Bakarah: Ayat: 177), Churchil reads the Geeta verse(Geeta: 18: 41-44) and Sabiha reads the Bible verse (Exodus 20:2-17). After finishing the verse recitation the members ask questions regarding verse and the the verses have been explained again by the members of their own religion respectively. There are few questions from the participants as expected regarding few particular terms and words from all the verses. And the other participants try to response and reply the question accordingly. The question-answer period goes long as the participants produce so many questions and they get them answered too. This time the facilitators look more participants than a facilitators, particularly Tripti looks forward to answer the question and explain. Although the question period based on the verses goes long but all the members are able to share their thoughts and ideas quite comfortably.

The convener has asked some question based on topic. Example- When and how do you learn religious education? How do you implement them in your life?
All the participants share their knowledge and understanding responding the question. Almost of them, have shared that they have received religious education from family. Everybody share their story that how they try to implement religious learning’s in their daily life. Some of participants speak that many learning becomes their personal values which effect their daily life.

When the sharing is about to finish snacks and tea are served. The participants still discuss the topic like an open discussion and have their tea. This could be named the relaxing session while participants try to get more space without being formal as the session is in to it’s tail. Then the convener finish the session by thanking and greetings to all.

Written by _Mehadi Hassan

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