Children Stories

Tales and legends are an attractive medium for teaching children. Through them, children can enter to an imaginative world. Shanti Mitra is convinced that learning could be enjoyable. By reading this book, children can get to know the ethics of life, learn to know themselves and develop respect for others. The king and flower girl   This fantastic book is based… Read More


PEACE ROLE MODELS We believe that there are people who can give us inspiration to do peace works and similar activities. In Bangladesh many young people want to do something for society beside their study. Some of them are eager to work for society or for a peaceful world but they don’t know how to start.   To give them… Read More

Sada Paira ( White Dove)

Shanti Mitra is publishing a little magazine three times in a year. This is the third year of the magazine. This magazine is about peace and justice. Shanti Mitra publishes this magazine to bring the idea of peace in society in particular to young people. The name of this magazine is `SHADA PAIRA’, which means `White Dove’. `Shada paira’ also… Read More

Peace Publication

  Everyone believes that a good book is a good friend. The book helps to become more human in thought, action and attitude. Shanti Mitra also thinks a book could be a medium of transformation, a reliable guide. It is a source of knowledge, self-analysis, awareness of others and good relationships.  If the book is about peace it will even… Read More