Peace Awareness Workshop with Young Students


Shanti Mitra has developed a peace education module for college and high school students. Shanti Mitra and HRDO (Human Resource Development Organization) are two organizations that have grown up together. HRDO has a stipend program for needy students. Shanti Mitra conducts a monthly peace workshop with these students so that they get support for growing up as peaceful persons. Shanti… Read More

Peace friend Activities

This year Shanti Mitra has created a group called “Peace Friends”.  Many young people who are living and studying in Mymensingh have a dream of a just and peaceful society, Shanti Mitra encourages and inspires them through monthly workshop and activities. Shanti Mitra hopes that young people will take initiative to do something for the society and bring harmony and… Read More

Peace Class in Primary School


Shanti Mitra conducts monthly peace classes in three primary schools with grade 4-5 children. We have a syllabus for 2 years and a peace class manual for each year. Our aim for giving peace classes is to promote positive behavior and attitudes of the children and make them able to dream of and work for a peaceful society in future…. Read More

Facilitators Formation

Shanti Mitra develops young people as justice & peace activists through monthly training, mentoring and practical peace work in communities. We also organize a yearly interfaith youth peace seminar to spread peace more widely and bring harmony among people of different faiths.