Community Peace Festival

This year we are planning to organize a community festival in Kanchijhuli, Mymensingh (where we live). Our goal for this festival is that to build up a good relationship among the people in the area and Shanti Mitra and inspire and encourage people do something together for the community.

Creative Activities

This is a brief explication of why Shanti Mitra considers creative activities essential in its Peace Building work in Mymensingh. With “creative activities” we understand elaborate creative expressions such as drama, mime, singing, drawing and painting, sculptures etc. as well as non-lasting imaginary work for some specific and limited purpose, such as making human sculptures or fake newspapers during a… Read More

Interfaith Dialogue


In this year, Shanti Mitra started an interfaith dialogue with young people, based on the concept of “Scriptural Reasoning”. 15 young people from different faith sit once in month. They select scriptures from different faith based on one topic and talk about it. For dialogue we use the Socratic circle and it’s really useful. The purpose of doing this Interfaith… Read More

 Personal Peace Project:


Shanti Mitra believes in community development. Thats why we want to develop a community organizer from community.  At present, three of our peace workers are working in their own community. One of them, Moni, leads a project in the Bihari Camp of Mymensingh. She works with young people who are studying in high school and college.

Peace Project with Kanchijhuli Local People:

Shanti Mirta is working in Kanchijhuli, Mymensingh since 2007. This year we started a new project in Kanchijhuli area with community leaders, businessmen, shopkeepers, traders and others who live in Kanchijhuli area to address them about peace and justice.