Children Stories

Tales and legends are an attractive medium for teaching children. Through them, children can enter to an imaginative world. Shanti Mitra is convinced that learning could be enjoyable. By reading this book, children can get to know the ethics of life, learn to know themselves and develop respect for others.


The king and flower girl

  This fantastic book is based on a tale of the Danish philosopher Sören Kirkegaard. Nice pencil art picture and brief words will be mesmerized you. This story is about the king and a poor girl who sells flowers. The king went out hunting and saw the girl. He fell in love. The king wants to marry her, but his friends laugh at him. If the king proposed anybody who dare say no? This sentence strikes the king. If the girl does not love him but only says yes because of his power and property, is it possible to live together happily? The king does not want either fear or greed. So, how can he be sure of her love?