We believe that there are people who can give us inspiration to do peace works and similar activities. In Bangladesh many young people want to do something for society beside their study. Some of them are eager to work for society or for a peaceful world but they don’t know how to start.



To give them inspiration, courage and some idea about peace work we are publishing a series called PEACE ROLE MODELS. It is about peace workers around the world. Through them, we get an idea of how these men and women work, take risks and overcome threats and temptations in order to bring peace locally or in their country; we learn about their lifestyle, their encouraging words and their vision.








Ways for finding peace

This book is a translation of an authorized summary of Louise Diamond’s “Learning ways of peace” that was originally published by the Peace Centre in Guwahati, Assam.  The author tells us how we can move along the path of peace practically in everyday life. We learn how it simple it could be to seek common ground and consensus in our daily life, to turn enemies into friends, honor diversity at work and cross cultural barriers.



Diamond gives ideas about how to solve conflicts nonviolently, celebrate non-violence heroes/heroines and find an inspirational role model.

We hope this book will help you to think, speak, and act peacefully. By using principles of this book in your daily life and introduce them to others you can be a bearer of peace to the world!