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Peace Classes in Primary school

Friends, Shanti Mitra conducts peace class in four schools for class 4 and 5. The objectives of peace class are: increased positive attitude and behavior, acceptance skills to others, ability to dream and inspiration to work for a peaceful world. The peace classes are doing according to these objectives, and special care is taken that it is all comprehensible for the children.

On 20th and 21th March we had the Peace Class for class 4 and 5 for the second time this year in the four schools (Abdul Aziz Munshi Primary School, Binpara Primary School, Bolashpur Abason Prokolpo Primary School and Victoria Mission School). For the class 4 the session theme was “We are all valuable”. In this session students learn about the value of each person, and the need to respect oneself and others, and they get inspiration to go ahead and improve their own skills. About 82% of the students were present in this session.

For the class 5, the session theme was `Care of Environment-part 1’. Here the students get knowledge about how important the elements of the environment are, how environment keeps us safe and makes the world livable for us.

In the session students also get conscious about how to protect the world and care for the environment. Average 90% of the students were present in this session.
All the students participated actively.

Parents Workshop

News of Parents workshop

On 24th March, 2016 was held aFamily Relationship Workshop for parents at Bolashpur Abason Prokolpo Primary School for first time in this year.

Parents of students of class 4 and 5 participated, especially the mothers. The session theme was `Primitive idea about peace’. In this session mothers were introduced to each other, talked about their childhood and their family through creative way. They were encouraged to improve family peace.


Shanti Mitra conducts Family Relationship Workshop for mothers at Bolashpur AbasonProkolpo Primary School since 3 Years. The aim is to


increased positive behavior and attitudes to make a peaceful family and society, raise awareness on Justpeace, and also to increase their analytical and reflection skill.

20 mothers participated in that workshop.



International Women’s Day


Shanti Mitra observed International Women’s day, 2016, with some colorful activities. The Campaign theme of this year was “Pledge for Parity”.The program started with the song “We shall overcome”. After that there were some discussions on how to understand Women’s Day; when it was started, why we celebrate it, what is the situation in our own families, what are the roles of men and women to protect the rights and dignity of women.12794485_965334610216960_2222022721461977097_n

Then some courageous womenshared the inspirational stories of their struggle with the audience. After that there was a sports program for men and women alike. the men played the games traditionally reserved for women and the women played the games for men.12802848_965332983550456_4270321097036228597_n

At last everybody (men and women) committed to make the world better by cooperating with each other.Men and women, after all, are not enemies, but complementary to each other.

The program ended with a song “Aksathe Jodi thaka Jai vai(It will be better to stay together)”. 50 people participated in the program.

Peace & Environment workshop

Environment is anessential part of our lives.  Shanti Mitra believes that peace is take care of one self, take care of others and takes care of environment.  Without good environment we cannot get proper peace in our lives. 12804358_1685361395079401_828314540_n

On 25 February  2016, Shanti Mitra organized a workshop on peace and environment. The theme of that workshop was “Good environment, peaceful lives”.  There were 25 participants from different ethnic and religious backgrounds. Most of them were young people living in Kanchijhuli area of Mymensingh. The workshop centered on peace and environment.The way environment is related with peace, how a person contributes to bad and good environment, what can be done to make the environment safe on our level etc. were among the topics discussed.  12804343_1685359215079619_1277581370_n

Participants were very active in workshop and committed to work to save environment. At the end they wrote down what they propose to do and intend to start doing immediately. 12782389_1685360325079508_1836057488_n


Promoting Peace Through Interfaith Youth Peace Seminar

Every year shanti mitra organizes an interfaith youth peace seminar as a part of peacebuilding through justice and creativity. This year also shanti mitra organized that seminar in Caritas, regional Office Mymensingh on 3-6 December 2015.

This year was the main them of seminar “Celebrating the beauty of diversity” This year was 60 -65 participants from different faith and religion.DSC_0163

At the inauguration of seminar, Masud Rana, Program administrator MCC Mymenisngh, Zia-ul Haque Leturur, Islaminc studies, Ananda Mohan College, Deya Haque Lecturur Ishorgonj Degree College, UNO A N M Foyzul Haque Mymensingh Sadar, and Suborna Poli Drong Executive Director Shanti MItra somajkallyan Songha, Mymenisngh, spoke about peace and justice according to diversity. In the seminar as resource person Mijanur Rahman Training and Communication Officer, Punya Patriciya Ricil Coordianator, Shanti Mitra Somaj Kallyan Sontha, Seminar started with “ Pray for the peace of Humanity” This was a good delegation for youth and hopes for peaceful society through diversity. IMG_8234





Justpeace Festival 2016 Thirdly Celebrated Mymensingh, Bangladesh

This year’s JustPeace Festival 2016 was held 21-23 January at the Ummed Ali Field, Mehagini Road, Kanchijhuli, Mymensingh. The festival was organized by Shanti Mitra, Mennonite Central Committee Bangladesh (MCC), Mati and Caritus. It included support from Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF), Puwroshova Mymensingh Sadar, and the help of about seventy wonderful volunteers. The goal of this festival of just-peace was to bring the community of Mymensingh together to learn and discover how to work for peace and justice both in ourselves and our societies. With Shanti Mitra’s characteristic emphasis on creative arts, participants had the opportunity to join colorful peace rally,visit stalls of several local NGOs, as well as attend workshops on peacebuilding, film presentations, art exhibitions, and cultural evenings of Bangladeshi song and dance.IMG_0211


The Shanti Mitra stall included an opportunity for guests to browse literature about just-peace and interact with posters on topics such as Gandhi’s “Seven Social Sins.” There was also a colorful display of plaster masks that were made by Shanti Mitra Peace Workers and Volunteers, and a chance for people to answer the question, “which mask expresses how you are feeling today?” by placing a seed in a cup in front of one of the masks.

MCC staff began a project of conducting video interviews with attendees of the festival. People were asked to reflect on what they thought peace and justice meant. Mati continually showed a video highlighting issues of climate change. Ponkoj and Protibondhi Community Center joined with many of their wonderfully crafted products.


ICF was represented by alumni of its School of Peace (SOP) Bangladesh. SOP Alumina Bangladesh made a forum. This forum emphasis their justpeace activities in Banladesh for last two years and they try to expand their work in Bangladesh later.IMG_0063


Other workshops throughout the day Friday included topics such as: Peace and identities, taught by Shanti Mitra staff; Conflict transforamtion, taught by MCC staff; a vison for peace transformation begins from local communities, taught by Ruth Masgrave, a renowned peace worker from England ; An interfaith good discussion among people from 3 major religion leader according to religious perspective, Mowlobi Mohammad Mahmudul Hassan zihadi from Islam, Purohid Kesob chakrobori, agricultural university central temple Mymensingh, Fr. Shimon Hacha Shadhu Pitor Church Fulpur.


Staying true to a vision of inspiring young people to creatively re-imagine a peaceful world, one tent at the festival housed a variety of songs and games for children, while across the field workshops focusing on listening, cooperation, and anger management were conducted for high school students.

The Art Exhibit included photographs and paintings from local and national artists. Volunteers at the exhibits were ready to answer questions and ask for your participation by writing a comment in their visitor’s book. One corner was reserved for the drawings of local children from a previous art competition hosted by Shanti Mitra. At the competition, the children had been asked to draw peace and justice; the results, bursting with color, were hung at the festival.

Short films that highlighted different peace and justice issues or ideas were also shown, with an opportunity for discussion afterwards. Some good short film produced by local producer.IMG_9801

Each day ended with a celebratory cultural program, using culture, movement, and song to express transformation toward just-peace. The first night featured drama and dance by performers. The second night focused on a program performed and produced by Shanti Mitra’s own volunteers and peace poem reciting by poet, oneself. Both programs were performed spectacularly and highlighted the many creative talents of young people. These cultural evenings were a great way to end days of learning and celebration. The whole festival was a chance to make new friends that encourage one another toward peace-full lives.8