Peace & Environment workshop

Environment is anessential part of our lives.  Shanti Mitra believes that peace is take care of one self, take care of others and takes care of environment.  Without good environment we cannot get proper peace in our lives. 12804358_1685361395079401_828314540_n

On 25 February  2016, Shanti Mitra organized a workshop on peace and environment. The theme of that workshop was “Good environment, peaceful lives”.  There were 25 participants from different ethnic and religious backgrounds. Most of them were young people living in Kanchijhuli area of Mymensingh. The workshop centered on peace and environment.The way environment is related with peace, how a person contributes to bad and good environment, what can be done to make the environment safe on our level etc. were among the topics discussed.  12804343_1685359215079619_1277581370_n

Participants were very active in workshop and committed to work to save environment. At the end they wrote down what they propose to do and intend to start doing immediately. 12782389_1685360325079508_1836057488_n