Peace Classes in Primary school

Friends, Shanti Mitra conducts peace class in four schools for class 4 and 5. The objectives of peace class are: increased positive attitude and behavior, acceptance skills to others, ability to dream and inspiration to work for a peaceful world. The peace classes are doing according to these objectives, and special care is taken that it is all comprehensible for the children.

On 20th and 21th March we had the Peace Class for class 4 and 5 for the second time this year in the four schools (Abdul Aziz Munshi Primary School, Binpara Primary School, Bolashpur Abason Prokolpo Primary School and Victoria Mission School). For the class 4 the session theme was “We are all valuable”. In this session students learn about the value of each person, and the need to respect oneself and others, and they get inspiration to go ahead and improve their own skills. About 82% of the students were present in this session.

For the class 5, the session theme was `Care of Environment-part 1’. Here the students get knowledge about how important the elements of the environment are, how environment keeps us safe and makes the world livable for us.

In the session students also get conscious about how to protect the world and care for the environment. Average 90% of the students were present in this session.
All the students participated actively.