International Women’s Day


Shanti Mitra observed International Women’s day, 2016, with some colorful activities. The Campaign theme of this year was “Pledge for Parity”.The program started with the song “We shall overcome”. After that there were some discussions on how to understand Women’s Day; when it was started, why we celebrate it, what is the situation in our own families, what are the roles of men and women to protect the rights and dignity of women.12794485_965334610216960_2222022721461977097_n

Then some courageous womenshared the inspirational stories of their struggle with the audience. After that there was a sports program for men and women alike. the men played the games traditionally reserved for women and the women played the games for men.12802848_965332983550456_4270321097036228597_n

At last everybody (men and women) committed to make the world better by cooperating with each other.Men and women, after all, are not enemies, but complementary to each other.

The program ended with a song “Aksathe Jodi thaka Jai vai(It will be better to stay together)”. 50 people participated in the program.